The New Craze over HoverBoards and Hands Free Scooters

One memorable Christmas gift that my parents got me and my bother on year as kids was a 10 speed bicycle.  It was early morning when we had opened all the presents under the tree, but my parents to me and my brother to stand in front of the fireplace with our backs to the room and eyes closed.  All of a sudden I hear a ticking noise.  I immediately think, “What is that… a ticking bomb they are giving us?”  Knowing my parents love for us, this could not be right.  Why would they give us something to harm us?  Shortly after all these thoughts go flying through my head in a moment’s time, my parent give us permission to turn around and see our final gift of the day.  To my amazement, it was a 10 speed bike for each of us!  Wow, I was relieved and excited at the same time.

The ideal option for gifts today is no longer a bike like they were at one point. Today the craze is all about electric scooters or better known as self balancing scooters. In the Back to the Future movie with Michael J Fox, there was an early idea of something similar.  It was the hoverboard.  They are beginning to become mostly acknowledged in the transportation business today simply because of the smooth and simple ride that they offer to both teens and adults.

Since their popularity is increasing you can find one of these two wheeled scooter in just about any color or design. The broad array of variety makes them highly versatile to match any type of lifestyle.  So, if you haven’t gotten all the Christmas gifts this year for your loved ones you can find these at an online hoverboard store or in your local shopping malls.  They do make great birthday gifts or surprise for any other special moment you consider appropriate.  However, there are some emerging reports to notice regarding the safety of some (not all) hover boards.  This can primarily be related to their battery function and charging. Please be sure to follow directions when charging and don’t leave it alone.

Three Unique Gift Ideas for You to Consider: A Different Business Opportunity

One specific idea for a new business is the unique gifts market. This is a way to distinguish oneself in the market. Typical business owners who are looking to sell consumer products as gifts miss out on a rare opportunity. Going the rare route weeds out your competition and increases your chance of success.

This article addresses

Three Unique Gift Ideas for You to Consider

When you are giving a gift to someone you care about you want to make sure that the gift that you are giving is going to be appreciated. There are a multitude of gift options out there, but you want to give something that is different. When you are giving a gift you want to give something that is going to create a memory. Memories last longer than physical items, and they are more valuable to an individual, too. Choose to make the most of your gift giving experience and choose to give a gift that will create a memory.

Three Unique Gift Ideas to Consider:

1. Give a day of horseback riding.

You can surprised the special individual who is facing a birthday or anniversary with a day spent riding horses together. Whether you have never ridden with this individual before or it is something that you have done on rare occasions, you will find that many memories are made when the two of you go our horseback riding together.


2. Give the gift of limo services.

Plan a special night out for the individual in your life who is deserving of a fun and special surprise. Treat that individual in the best way by showering them with your love and attention. Use a limo service to make the evening upscale and special. You can’t go wrong when you bring in the help that a limousine rental service offers. I’ve had personal experience with and can recommend them to anyone.

3. Take that individual on a special picnic.

You can enjoy some time outside with a special individual by packing a whole picnic lunch and then taking that individual to a special location with a great view. You will find that the time that you spend outside with that individual is time that really means something to both of you, and time that you will enjoy.

When you give a special gift that creates memories you will feel good about yourself and what you have done. Go out and plan a great gift for that individual in your life.

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Owning a business is a fulfilling path to follow as for many of us being your own boss is a dream perhaps the dream’ as we are not helping anyone build their own dreams but we are building our own dreams and in most cases, we start from the bottom and once we reach the top we feel actualized and we feel proud of our achievements. I like to borrow a thought from Tim Berry the founder and president of Palo Alto Software that, you are not your own boss, your customers are the boss, your bank is your boss and your fixed costs are your boss.


Before you start, it’s important to save yourself time and money by being aware of what is involved in setting up a business and what is involved in running a business. Involving yourself in proper planning is an important factor in turning dreams into realities. Operating a business is not all about being your own boss, it makes you the CoE, Chief of Everything’ thus you need skills in different aspects of a business. It means having the necessary management skills, technical skills, administrative skills and most importantly a vision to succeed above all things.

Like every other success and achievement in life, you will sacrifice your time and take risks associated with the business which is a key characteristic of any entrepreneur.

So what should we expect when starting a business?

  • Expect to take a high financial risk. The level of risk you take will be directly related to how good your prior planning is so as to avoid putting too much money in the wrong investment.
  • Inconsistent income since there are times when the income will be high and other times when the income will be too low.
  • Much time will be eaten’ by the details of running a business there for you will not be able to do the things you enjoy. You will also be devoted to your business and you are likely to work long hours.
  • Need to learn new skill. Running a business requires diversity in skills to ensure the smooth running of a business, you will need to learn skills like book keeping, inventory control, and financial controls among other skills.
  • Expect to take a high financial risk. The level of risk you take will be directly related to how good your prior planning is so as to avoid putting too much money in the wrong investment
  • Patience is an important quality since a business will take time to grow so as to reach its full potential, this time can be as short as one year and as long as three years depending on other factors. Manage yourself well, ensure you have appropriate forecast and monitor against expectations.
  • Unanticipated growth if your business grows too fast, it may cause a strain on the limited business resources which may cause the business to self-destruct from the inside out. Therefore it is important to plan for growth ahead of time.

We need to realize that a business idea will not make the business successful but the efforts driven into a business is what defines the success of a business.